Septic Systems
Septic System Installation by Cape Byron Plumbing

Septic System Installations & Repairs in Byron Bay

If you have a septic system operating at your house, apartment or business, keeping that system functioning properly is incredibly important. When it comes to septic systems, it's often only when there is a problem that you realise it exists. If you notice a problem with your septic system you can contact Cape Byron Plumbing for help. We service the Byron Bay and Northern Rivers regions.

Expert Services

The reason why it's so critical to call an expert plumber is that septic systems can develop any number of problems that make it impossible for them to function as they should. Inexperienced plumbers often mistakenly think they have identified the problem when their solution is really just a stop gap. At Cape Byron Plumbing we have the experience to identify the real problem and recommend a permanent solution.

We use sewer snakes, CCTV cameras and other technology to dig deep and identify what is going wrong with your septic system. While this work is time consuming, it is a critical part of identifying the real cause of your issue. It also allows us to recommend a thorough and permanent solution.
Expert plumbers using sewer snakes for septic system

Plumber removing a Septic System Blockage

Finding and Removing Blockages

Using our equipment and expertise we can find and remove septic system blockages for our clients. We will determine what's causing the problem and our plumbing specialists will fix the issue permanently, replacing the necessary parts if needed.

Our work is guaranteed so you never have to worry about paying to have the same problem fixed twice!

Minor issues do not take too long to diagnose and repair. You may have a significant septic issue, especially if septic system has never been maintained or serviced. We can carry out septic pumping, sewer and drain hydro-jetting, grease trap pumping, trenchless pipe repairs, camera inspections and sewer snaking.


Hire The Best

Don't take any chances where your septic system is concerned. Often hiring a plumber because they are the cheapest means shortcuts that could cause you problems and cost you more money in the long run.

At Cape Byron Plumbing we keep our rates reasonable and affordable for our residential and commercial clients and we always perform thorough servicing. We know how important your septic system is and we understand no one wants to deal with the same issue repeatedly.

We will diagnose and resolve your problem permanently, that's why we are the go-to plumber in the region. Between our high tech equipment and the experience of our plumbers, we have all the ingredients to deliver a premium service for your septic system.
Cape Byron expert plumber