Gas Fitting
Gas appliance in Byron Bay

Gas Fitting Byron Bay

Many home and business owners in the Byron Bay and Northern Rivers regions prefer to use gas appliances to electric ones. Not only is gas cheaper than electric, but gas fitting appliances provide premium performance. Gas can be a little temperamental in its operation. The good news is that any time you are facing a gas fitting issue, Cape Byron Plumbing can help you.

Our services extend to the entire region, our gas fitters can help residential and commercial clients with the services they need. Gas is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and a reliable source of power. We can help our clients in Byron Bay and surroundings with gas appliances at their homes or businesses, we specialise in gas fitting installation, maintenance and repair work. Whether you're swapping appliances from electric to gas or running into an issue with an existing gas appliance, we can help.

Qualified Gas Fitters

At Cape Byron Plumbing we are experienced and qualified gas fitters ready to help you with your gas needs. If you are moving into a new house and you want a gas line safely installed, we have the tools, expertise and experience to take on the job. If you're opening a restaurant and want a brand new gas stove safely installed. We should be your first call!

We can carry out installations, safety inspections, maintenance work, repairs and emergency work on your gas lines and appliances. If you smell a gas leak in the middle of the night, you can call Cape Byron Plumbing, we are available for emergencies 24/7. We will talk you through the process of shutting down gas to the appliance and will send a specialist to your home or business as soon as possible.
Gas Fitting Service by Cape Byron Plumbing

Gas oven and stovetop installation

Ovens and Stovetops

Gas ovens and stovetops are really popular. They are easy to use, perform exceptionally well and are very efficient to run. Even better is that our specialists can come to your home or business, install your appliance and make sure it's running flawlessly.


Outdoor Gas Appliances

We can help you set up a barbeque grill in your backyard in time for spring and summer. Our gas fitters make sure you have a safe gas connection so you can run your grill whenever you want.
Gas BBQ grill in Byron Bay backyard

Gas safety inspection by Cape Byron Plumbing

Safety Inspections

If you're running a business, gas safety inspections are a routine part of your operation. We can carry out those inspections quickly and thoroughly, making sure you are up to code and not taking any risks with your gas appliances.