Hot Water Systems
Hot Water System by Cape Byron Plumbing

Hot Water Systems Byron Bay

Hot water is something we take for granted in Byron Bay and Northern Rivers, it's an excellent example of the everyday comfort and convenience you don't even think about until you are without it. If you suddenly have no hot water, call Cape Byron Plumbing.

Hot Water Maintenance and Repairs

The plumbers at Cape Byron Plumbing can maintain and repair every type of hot water system. We can help you with electric, solar and gas systems, we specialise in all these.

We will get your system back to its full capacity and make sure it's working efficiently and effectively. The good news with hot water systems is that most repairs are not too complicated. It's very possible that just a single component has malfunctioned or suffered wear and tear. If we swap out the part or fix that component, you'll have running hot water the same day.

Some issues are a little more complicated and in these cases we may need to order a part in before carrying out the repairs. Other issues are so serious that we need replace your hot water system and install a new one.
Plumber repairing hot water system

Installation of electric hot water system in Byron Bay home

Electric Hot Water

Electric hot water systems are affordable to buy, efficient to run and don't require a gas connection installed. We can recommend and install the electric hot water system that's best suited for your needs.


Gas Water Heaters

Many people prefer gas hot water systems, they are still the most popular kind of water heater in the Byron Bay area. These heaters are inexpensive to purchase, relatively straightforward to install and perform reliably and effectively for many decades. They also require minimal maintenance to keep running.
Installation of Gas Water Heater

Solar Hot Water solution on a roof in Byron Bay

Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water solutions are perfect if you are considering the impact on the environment and the cost of your electricity. At Cape Byron Plumbing we can point you in the direction of the best option and we can install and service your solar system as well. These systems will radically reduce your hot water bill and your carbon footprint.