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Plumber fixes broken pipe in Byron Bay home

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Cape Byron Plumbing are the friendly, fair plumbing and gas fitting service providers you can trust. Whether you need help at your house, apartment or business we can come to your location and help you out with our expertise. We have invested in high-quality equipment, set high standards for our team to work to and committed to 24/7 availability for plumbing and gas fitting emergencies.

A locally owned business serving the Byron Bay and Northern Rivers communities, Cape Byron Plumbing is the number one name in the industry. When you think of hiring local plumbers, think of Cape Byron. Our pricing is fair and we aim for a quick turnaround time for every job. We treat you with respect and resolve your issues as quickly as possible.
Emergency service by Cape Byron Plumbing

Gas Fitting & Plumbing Emergencies

When we first started in business a common complaint from customers was our limited operating hours. The truth is it's not possible for a business to be open 24/7. What we did do is create a separate service for emergencies.

If you have a plumbing or gas fitting problem that cannot wait, we will not let you down. There is a unique number you can call 24/7/365. We guarantee an answer. If we are busy on another job, leave a message and we will call you within minutes. You have our word that we will have your emergency looked at and hopefully resolved within a few hours.


Recent Projects

Cape Byron Plumbing has completed the following projects over the past few years, helping clients in the Byron Bay and Northern Rivers regions:

  • Byron at Byron Resort, Byron Bay
  • Senior Living Development, Casino
  • The Pavillions, Broken Head
  • Butter Factory, Byron Bay
  • Scan Cones Factory, Murwillumbah
  • Byron Sports Amenities, Byron Bay
Gas fitting project in Byron Bay


Here are answers to frequently asked questions about our plumbing and gas fitting services:
I keep hearing a drip from my bathroom, even though everything is turned off. What is the problem?
If you hear a drip, it could be one of a few potential issues. You could have a problem with your tap which is causing it to continue dripping some water into your bath, shower or sink. It could also be a leaking pipe or toilet.
I flushed a toilet upstairs which caused one of my downstairs toilets to flood. Why did this happen?
I had a much higher water bill this month despite similar usage. Why did this happen?
I smell a gas leak. What should I do?